Friday, June 4, 2021

108! Say Goodbye to Phillip and his Pals


It's Episode 108 of Eventually Supertrain, everybody!

And, we're saying goodbye to The Singing Detective. It was a hell of a journey.

Next time, we've got a brand-new old show starting up for you. Look forward to it!

In this episode:

Dan and Amy The Conqueror discuss Planet of the Apes.

Dan and Mitchell talk about Search.

Dan and Det. Fattibene finish their chat about The Singing Detective.

Please, listen and enjoy.



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Monday, May 24, 2021

Episode 107. Pitter Patter, 99 and The Bad News Apes

Hello everyone!

Episode 107 of Eventually Supertrain is up and running. 

In this one, Amy The Conqueror and Dan talk about Planet of the Apes. Live Action-style!

Mitchell and Dan discuss Search with McClure and guacamole.

Madelynn and Dan chat about the penultimate episode of The Singing Detective.

Please, listen and enjoy.



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Sunday, April 11, 2021

105! Apes! Icemen! & Excrement!


Episode 105 of Eventualy Supertrain is here! (And no, Father Ted is not in Search.)


Amy The Conqueror and Dan discuss Episode 3 of Planet of the Apes. (Live Action!)

Mitchell Hadley and Dan chat about Episode 6 of Search.

Madelynn Fattibene and Dan ruminate over Episode 4 of The Singing Detective.

Please, listen and enjoy.

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

3 New Minute-By-Minute Podcasts Have Begun! (With a request)

 Hello everyone. Dan here.

I recently posted three episodes onto my feed:

'70s Friends of Frankenstein

A Spooky Night Spent In A Ghosthouse

HOWLING 2 and 7 Too

Each one is the first episode of a new Minute-By-Minute podcast covering, respectively...




I couldn't decide which one I preferred to do so I started all three. My question to everyone is: Do you prefer one to the other? Is there one you're dying to hear more than the other two? Or do you want to hear all three? I can do all three but it will take a while. If you have a choice, get in touch with me and tell me. If there's some sort of consensus, I will focus on one and do the other two at a later time.

I will do at least one more episode of each. We're knee deep in credits all the way around so I would like to touch on a bit more of each of the films.

Please, listen and enjoy. (And, if you so choose, please choose.)



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Friday, March 19, 2021

Rockin' All Week With You Season 5 has begun!

Hey everyone! Don't let me hold you up! Episode of Season 5 of Rockin' All Week with You: A Happy Days Podcast is here! In this episode, Dan discusses the hour-long season premiere "Hollywood (Parts 1 & 2)"

Please, listen and enjoy.

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Friday, March 12, 2021

103! Apes! Detectives! Moonrocks!

Hey everyone! It's episode 103 of Eventually Supertrain.

I have been lax in my posts and I apologize. This will not happen again!

In this episode, we begin with...

A brand-new old show! Amy The Conqueror is back to discuss Episode 1 of the live-action Planet of the Apes.

Mitchell is here to chat about episode 4 of Search.

And Madelynn returns to review the second episode of Dennis Potter's The Singing Detective.

Please, listen and enjoy.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Rockin' All Week With You S4 Continues!

I've posted a few new episodes of the Season 4 episode of Rockin' All Week With You: A Happy Days Podcast. We are getting near the end of the season. I hope you all have been enjoying the episodes and I hope your New Year is going OK.

Please, listen and enjoy.