Thursday, December 24, 2020

It's Episode...

It's the 100th episode of Eventually Supertrain! Hooray! Thank you everyone for listening. I eagerly await my "100th Episode of a Podcast" plaque that we all get. Mine will be shaped like a train.


In this episode, a brand-new old show joins the ranks. And a previous guest host returns...With No Pants!*

Let's explore the episode and then ourselves. (Be Good!)


Christin and Dan discuss episode 11 of Automan.


Dan dives into episode 6 of On The Air.


Mitchell is back. And he joins Dan to talk about episode 1 of Search.

Please, listen and enjoy.

*That's the kind of comedy you've come to love and expect on each episode of this whatever-it-is.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Now Is The Time To PROBE

It's not quite a full episode this week. But, it's definitely full of something.

In this one, Dan and Mitchell Hadley (He's back!) discuss the 1972 TV Movie Probe. This is preparation for the newest old show we'll be covering. So, stand by...  For Delightfulness!

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Please, listen and enjoy.