Sunday, March 29, 2020

Double Feature: #84 & S3 E3 of Rockin'

Hello all! I hope you're doing well. Safe and warm and keeping amused.

Speaking of amused, there is a new episode of Eventually Supertrain (84) and a new episode of Rockin' All Week With You: A Happy Days Podcast (S3 E3/ Ep 23) available. For listening. For now.

In 84, Dan talks a lot.

With Christin talking about one of our "lost" episodes of The Green Hornet.

With myself (Dan) talking the Thanksgiving day episode of Shadow Chasers.

 with Mitchell and Episode 34 of Bourbon Street Beat.


Over in Happy Days town, Dan discussed two Richie-heavy (-ish) episodes.

-The Other Richie Cunningham (OAD October 7, 1975)
-Richie Fights Back. (OAD October 14, 1975)

Please, listen and enjoy.




Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Episode 83! New friends and old.

Episode 82 is here!

And yes...  Shadow Chasers has joined the gang.

Along with, of course, Bourbon Street Beat...  with Mitchell Hadley.

Plus, Christin is back! You finally get to hear us talk about Episode 14 of The Green Hornet.*

(Amanda and I will be finishing up Masquerade soon. She's a very busy woman...)

Please, listen and enjoy.


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*Plus, I am a guest on the latest episode of her Hawaii Five-O podcast. Have a listen.