Sunday, August 14, 2016

Can you smell that? It's Episode 4!

It is here!




I discuss Cliffhangers! (Episode 4).
Amanda and I discuss Joanie Loves Chachi. (Episode 4 - End of Season 1!)
Madelynn and I discuss Cobra. (Episode 4).
Tom tries on a new attitude.

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The music is by the Old Dixieland Jass Band. It's the Livery Stable Blues

Joanie Loves Chachi is available on DVD.
Cobra is available on DVD.
Cliffhangers! - A mysterious Man In Black handed me two DVD-Rs. These discs contained all 11 episodes of the show. Unfortunately, I didn't get his name or number so you'll have to find your own Man In Black to get you these episodes.

Thank you for listening. Stay tuned for #5!

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