Friday, March 24, 2017

Eventually Supertrain #19 would have come earlier but your husband wasn't dead then

Episode #19 is at The Station.*

This episode, we welcome a new guest host in to talk 1982's Police Squad! In Color. Join me and Rob "Hands of Steel" Kelly as we discuss the first episode of this truly funny show. Trust us. We know what we're doing.**


Amy The Conqueror and I chat about Voyagers! Now with 73% more Frenchmen!
Madelynn and I talk Cobra! And quite a lovely episode it is, too.

Also, Tom humiliates me. But, that's nothing new.





You can find...

Amy at This Place.

Madelynn in Our Living Room.

Rob is sort of everywhere...  but start Here.
(The Network is loaded with great shows.)

*Train and Police
**I know. I know.

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