Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dan's Drive-In Double Feature #10!

Episode 10 is up. This time, Dan talks about an honest-to-goodness, completely for real double feature from 1977 via Box Office International (aka Harry Novak Town).

First, Dan covers Axe, the rather odd and languid Fredric Friedel picture featuring the hypnotically enticing Leslie Lee as Lisa. (Voted by me as "Gal I'd Most Like To Make Laugh A Lot.")

Then, it's time to meet Alicianne and Rosalie down at the Nordon's where things can get...  a little strange. (Say that in the voice of the narrator from the Boardinghouse trailer.)

Plus, drive-in ads, trailers and a few other bits and bobs.

Quick note: I normally try to keep these to around an hour. I got out of hand on this one. Oops. More of me to enjoy. 

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