Friday, June 15, 2018

Have you seen the Woman In The River? (ES48)

Mitchell and I have. And we will be talking about her in Episode 48 (!) of Eventually Supertrain.

The Gang is All Here!

Christin and I talk about The Green Hornet
Mitchell and I dive into Bourbon Street Beat.
Madelynn and I chat about Ellery Queen Mysteries.






  1. Not that it matters, all these years on …

    … that was Arthur Godfrey's actual hair.

    I know, it looks fake; it always did, comes to that.
    Enough photographic and other documentary evidence exists attesting to its provenance.
    The man's annual budget for Brilliantine must have been sky-high ...

  2. Just got back from listening to Episode 47 (which for some reason doesn't have its own entry here):

    - Bourbon Street Beat:
    Warner Bros's TV credits are an art form all their own.
    If you've seen enough of them - Westerns, detectives, anything else - they all follow that form: Announcer booming out the names in the opening titles, Star billing after the episode title, everybody grouped up in the end credits.
    All Warner TV shows did this, at least during the Wm. T. Orr era; it was part of the brand.
    Since 77 Sunset Strip doesn't qualify for this series due to being on for six years, I suppose you'll just have to take my word for it, but the style was set there - and before that on the Warner Westerns.

    By the way, Eddie Cole, the Baron - he was a contract musician at Warners; all the on-site musical stuff was his.
    Also, Eddie Cole was the older brother of Nat 'King' Cole - but that's another story …

    Ellery Queen:
    That Art Aragon, a former boxer, would get a part in this show is scarcely unusual; many emeritus prizefighters were called into service for boxing-themed shows in all genres.
    There's even another one in this Queen episode:
    The Kid - you know, the guy who gets killed - that's Jerry Quarry, the legendarily unsuccessful heavyweight from the '60s.
    Most of his acting appearances were in that same vein.
    I was alittle surprised that you didn't notice the presence of people like Robert Alda, Dane Clark, and Lloyd Nolan among the official suspects, while you did notice Dick Bakalyan - and if he ever comes up again in your purview, it's ba-KAL-yan (I think it's Armenian). Just like it's spelled.

  3. Thank you, Mike! I have completely failed to do an entry for 47. I've got to get on that. The comments are really appreciated.