Friday, November 30, 2018

Episode 59: Goodbye, Hornet and Kato.

Say goodbye to the guys with Christin and Dan.

But first...

Mitchell and Dan chat about Bourbon Street Beat.

And, Dan talks about Future Cop.

Please, listen and enjoy. And thank you again Christin. I think we had a real good time.





  1. How far ahead do you record these anyway?

    I was sure I'd sent my Bourbon Street comment to Mitchell Hadley long enough ago that you'd both notice it …

    Most of what I had to say is over there, so I'll just answer your One Big Question:

    Why did BSB remake White Heat in the first place?

    Because THEY COULD.

    Warner Bros. wasn't just a factory - it was a warehouse.
    They saved everything - and retained all the rights.
    As I said, that was how Leonard Goldenson at ABC sold TV to Jack Warner: anything and everything was now grist for the video mill.
    And if there was a full movie with a lot of stock footage, so much the better.
    Warners wasn't Hollywood's only "recycler":
    Watch enough telefilms from Revue (aka Universal), Republic, or MGM, and you'll see a lot of very familiar scenes from movies from all eras (they helped keep budgets well within line).

    - I guess you didn't see the Green Hornet comments either.
    Respectfuly requesting that you go back and look at those.
    I believe I made it clear that Bill Dozier wanted a more grown-up, serious show, preferably a full hour at a later time.
    When he brought in Stan Shpetner for "Hornet Save Thyself" (the last "grown-up" Hornet), the die was already cast; Shpetner was told to do anything he damn well pleased (and this was before the Batman crossover), and so we got Dr. Mabouse and the Jiffy-Pop Pirates, who were more Batmanic - and that trend was pretty well over by then anyway.
    This means that I dissent respectfully from you and KiKi (we can still be friends … ?).

    - By the way, last night TCM ran Executive Action, the first JFK-conspiracy flick from 1973.
    Ever see that one?
    Next time it comes around, give it a look.
    Or see if you can find the DVD.
    There are a few surprises in the cast …
    … but take a good look at the setting of the opening scene.
    No spoilers here - just see if it looks familiar …

    - I thought I had something else, but I guess not.
    Maybe next time …

  2. Thanks again, Mike. As always your comments are awesome.

    When I record with my wife and solo, it's usually a few days before the episode goes up. When I record with everyone else, I try to do it as far ahead of time as I can and at everybody's convenience. As you probably heard this year, if I fall behind, the schedule goes off or shows get delayed. (The only reason I'm covering Future Cop is because of scheduling falling apart. And we missed a great show last year because someone I had lined up delayed me until past the last minute.) Such is podcasting.

    Thank you for listening! Have an excellent holiday season.

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