Friday, December 28, 2018

Episode 61! Goodbye, 2018.

Future Cop!
Bourbon Street Beat!
Call Holme?

See you in February 2019!

Please, listen and enjoy.





  1. Hello again!

    After some excruciating problems with the old Confuser, I was finally able to hear this episode.

    - Call Holme:
    I saw this one on its network premiere, as part of a trio of unsold NBC pilots.
    (I forget what the other two were …)
    I was watching in my movie-buff mode: This one had an all-star cast of Late Late Show faves, including Cecil Kellaway, Helmut Dantine, Hermione Baddeley, and some others I'll have to look up again when the occasion presents.
    There was also Arte Johnson's leading lady here - the always delightful Arlene Golonka.
    I was really hoping that Call Holme would sell, because Arte and Arlene would have made a helluva team each week - but maybe that's just me …
    Since the crew included people from Get Smart (such a the writers Caruso and Gardner), there was all the more hope for a new classic … but alas, no go.

    - Future Cop:
    You must have a different DVD set than I do.
    First off, in my set, the series episodes all begin with Ernie Borgnine (in character as Joe Cleaver) narrating the set-up of the series, followed by the siren-style theme music you loved so much.
    In my set, "The Kansas City Kid" runs in its entirety, glitch-free.
    Apparently, Mill Creek cleared up the problems, so there's that.
    Finally, The Cops And Robin, made for NBC the year following the ABC six-pack, is simply a continuation of the series, with only the following tweaks:
    - John Amos as Bundy has been promoted - he's now boss to Cleaver and Haven, wearing a suit and everything.
    - Also, as part of the promotion, Bundy is now wise to Haven's provenance (which he seems to have taken in stride).
    - As I've noted before, the science lady is now Carol Lynley, who was likely brought on board by Ernie Borgnine, an old friend (and fellow survivor of the Poseidon, but that's another story …).
    - There's a change in Haven's "living arrangements", that I'll leave to you to discover when you watch.
    Whether these would have worked week-to-week, we may only speculate.
    It's all academic anyway, since NBC didn't pick up Future Cop, which Ernie apparently had some faith in, but there you go.

    I haven't had a chance to look at Bourbon Street Beat yet; maybe next time …

    1. Thank you, Mike! I hope 2019 is going well for you so far. I will be watching the Cops and Robin movie in a few days. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.

      My wife and I saw a Poseidon Adventure double feature right before the New Year. Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is so unnecessary but completely delightful. (I also love the fact that time-wise it crosses over with the first one, like [REC] 2 crossing 1.)

  2. Quick Followup:

    I meant to mention that later this month, Arte Johnson will observe his 90th birthday.
    Consider that mentioned.

    Still working on Bourbon Street Beat.

  3. Reporting as requested with Stuff about Cops And Robin:

    - The First Four Minutes (give or take):
    The pic starts at Dutton's palatial estate, where the gangster-turned-entrepreneur is swatting tennis balls on his court, while a glam galpal and some assorted lackeys watch in abject admiration.
    A secretary calls to him from the Main House that there's a phone call, so Dutton makes the mile-and-a-half trek in order to pick up, chatting with lackeys on the way (the opening titles run over this).
    The caller tells Dutton that they've located The Witness - and Dutton tells him that "You know what to do." (quote approximate)
    Then we're at Police HQ, where newly-minted Sgt. Bundy is brought up-to-date by a subordinate, and thereafter contacts DA Philip Abbott (ex-FBI) to suggest that Cleaver be brought into the fray. An assistant DA who says nothing is standing around in the background.
    It slowly becomes clear that Dutton's caller at the beginning is either him or the sub-cop to Bundy (The Mole).
    Anyway, that should bring you to the point that you were thrown into the fray (my Mill Creek DVD is in good working order, and I saw all of this as I should).

    - As to the show as a whole, I think I liked it a bit better than you did, but that's what makes horseraces.
    The whole premise was basically that Cleaver is Geppetto and Haven is Pinocchio - trying to become a real live boy, and like that there.

    - The bit that made me a trifle uncomfortable was that Dutton and his Mole had their secret meetings in a church confessional.
    I don't pretend to be an observant Catholic anymore, but stuff like that bothers me just a bit.

    - As to why NBC mounted this after ABC dropped it, no one knows; I believe (can't prove) that Ernie Borgnine called in a chit at NBC.

    - That Cops … ended up as the not-so-grand finale:
    A while back I think I told you that Harlan Ellison and another writer made a development deal for a possible series about a crusty cop who gets a robot for a partner, which was bought, taken to script, and eventually shelved by ABC.
    A few years after the shelving, ABC mounted Future Cop, leading to a major lawsuit by Ellison, which dragged on for some time.
    The run (runs?) of Future Cop happened while the suits were still waiting to be heard; the settlement ultimately ended the show.
    Harlan Ellison's script was called Brillo, which is what the robot was called - and in this version, he looked like a robot: metallic, blocklike, clanky, scratchy-voiced.
    Ellison put his script into one of his Brain Movies collections, along with some sketches of what Brillo was supposed to look like; I could see how the displays at Toys'R'Us would have looked.
    Oh, by the way …
    … one of Harlan Ellison's suggestions for who would play Brillo's crusty human partner - Ernest Borgnine.
    All the above is true, documented by Ellison and others.
    So There Too.

    So you're off until next month.
    You want to maybe drop a hint about what the two newbies are going to be?
    You know, so I can see if maybe I have them in the Old DVD Wall?
    Just askin', is all …

  4. Thank you, Mike!

    As far as the two new old shows....

    One is from the first half of the 1990s.
    It ran for about one full season.
    A previous co-host is returning. This is the same type of show we covered the first time. (I won't clarify what I mean by "type.")
    It is on DVD. I think the set is out of print. It is 5 DVDs.
    It had a spinoff.

    The second show...
    It's from the 1980s.
    It did not have a full season.
    My inital coverage of it will be in a minisode I will upload on February 3, 2019.
    The date is important. The fact that it's a minisode is also important.

    There you have it! Oh, the second series is just me talking about it because it never got a proper DVD release.

  5. This is me playing detective:

    - The '80s show only ran part of a season.
    - Starting with a minisode means it's a pilot movie, longer than a regular episode.
    - Never getting a "real DVD release" means you're working with a bootleg - as am I (if I'm right).
    - … and if I'm right, this is a show that you've mentioned in passing before this.
    To me.
    - And if I'm right, the show shares common off-camera personnel with another series you've done in the very recent past.

    I have a strange problem with Email: I can receive and reply, but I can't send myself - can't handle instructions in Technoslavian.
    My Email address is:
    If you wish, you might contact me at that address and let me know if at least I'm on the right track.
    (All others who see this are on their honor to not send me a lifetime supply of Hormel products.)
    Awaiting your answer (or lack thereof).

    (Oh, by the way - I'm not taking on the '90s show; a period I'm not all that up on.)