Monday, March 4, 2019

Rockin' All Week With You Has Arrived! Finally.

After saying I was going to do this for ages, Episode 1 is finally here!

Rockin' All Week With You: The Happy Days Podcast Episode 1 is up and running!

The episode covers the Love American Style segment "Love and the Television Set," which introduces Richie, the Cunningham Family and the basic premise. It aired in 1972.

Then, I cover the first two episodes of Happy Days from January 1974: "All The Way" and "The Lemon." Plus, some background and a bit of chat about American Graffiti.

This episode, in all honesty, is much longer than the average episode of this podcast will be. But, it's the first one. I'm letting it ride.

Please, listen and enjoy! Feedback is appreciated.




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