Monday, October 14, 2019

Episode 77!

Episode 77 is finally here!

This time around...

Amy The Conqueror and Dan talk about Eerie, Indiana. (Episode 16)

Mitchell Hadley and Dan are all about Bourbon Street Beat. (Episode 27)

Amanda and Dan dive into Masquerade. (Episode 9)

Please, listen and enjoy.





  1. Mr. Budnic, sir:

    Hello again.
    Last time I wrote you was September 12th - a month and two days ago.
    In the comments I sent then, I mentioned that Arlene Howell, aka 'Melody' on Bourbon Street Beat, had left the show after episode 25, never to return (hey, it happened - don't shoot the messenger).
    Frankly, I was waiting to see how you and Mr. Hadley would address the situation.
    Imagine my chagrin when your analysis of all this seemed to indicate that you never even saw my comments (for the record, I sent a similar comment to Mr. Hadley the day after I sent the one to you).
    Just curious - have you learned something else that contradicts the admittedly scant information in my comments?
    If so, I'd really like to hear it.
    The only other explanation I can think of would be that you and Mr. Hadley recorded the podcast before I sent the comments in - but if that's the case, why would you sit on the 'cast for an entire month?
    As I said, just curious …

    I have looked at the next BSB in order, "If A Body".
    No spoilers here, but you have a possibly pleasant surprise in store …

    As to Masquerade:
    I have also looked at this next episode in order, "Sleeper".
    Since you and Amanda have a keen interest in actors and their ages, here's a Fun Fact about this episode's Bad Guy, Cornel Wilde:
    When he filmed "Sleeper", Cornel Wilde was 72 (seventy-two) years old.
    You and Amanda might want to kick that around as you're watching.

    Looking forward to the podcast - but please, not a whole month!

  2. Hey Mike!

    Thanks for the comment.

    Two things delayed the podcast:
    1) life
    2) trying to get together with Amanda to record. She's very busy and we only cover two episodes at a time. I considered doing solo chats and posting episodes with those. Then, I'd insert our chats in when we do them. I might do that for the last few.

    I dislike delaying episodes. My apologies.

    We do record a bunch of chats in one sitting. Mitchell and I have discussed Arlene leaving. But, it may not be for another chat or two. Personally, I like the suspense around "What happened to Melody?" I'm fine with it extending for another episode.

    Thanks again! The next episode should appear much sooner.

  3. Message received and contents noted.

    Can I throw in a quick Cornel Wilde story?

    About a decade before he made the Masquerade appearance, Wilde wrote, directed, and starred in a low-budget feature called Shark's Treasure.
    Wilde's role in this was an adventurer who gathered up a crew (much younger than he) to sail off to the Caribbean to collect the title swag.
    In one scene at sea, Wilde is on deck, doing his Daily Seven, when one of the young snot crewmen walks up to him and says:
    "You're in good shape for a man your age."
    Wilde smiles at him - a shark's smile - and replies:
    "I'm in good shape for a man YOUR age!"

    You and Amanda think about that while you're watching "Sleeper" …