Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Episode 82! A Brand new-old show begins.

Hello everyone!

The new episode of Eventually Supertrain is here.

In this episode, Dan and...

Mitchell continue their discussion of Bourbon Street Beat.

Amanda begin to wind down the Masquerade coverage. (With tangents!)

Dan began to discuss Episode 1 of...  I'm not going to tell you.

Please, listen and enjoy.


  1. This is my first episode and I love it! I've just finished bingeing all the (iTune) episodes of Made for TV Mayhem and have now started Eventually Supertrain. Especially loved the tangent you and Amanda took on Tim Burton. Great stuff!

  2. Saw your explanation/excuse at Mitchell's place.

    October 1st?
    Four and a half months ago?
    What help can I possibly be to you when you're banking these spots that far in advance?
    As it stands, unless you and Mitchell decide to rerecord this spot to include my intel, basically it's lost to all …

    As Captain Binghamton used to say, "I could just scream …"
    (By the way, did you know that the first McHale's Navy script that this catch phrase appeared in was written by Joe Heller?)
    [Yeah, that Joseph Heller …]

    Elsewise, if you look at a map of the Gulf Region, you might note that Biloxi MS is in fair proximity to New Orleans LA, So There Too.

    In Re W. Hermanos:
    Senor Hermanos was a child of the 1960 Writer's Guild Strike; once that was settled, Sr. H. faded into oblivion.

    More when I can think of it (assuming you haven't already done everything in 2017) …