Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Episode 87!

Hello everyone. I hope you're all safe and well because...

Episode 87 of Eventually Supertrain is here!

In this episode, Dan gets involved in three crazy segments involving some fun short-lived TV shows. What does this wackiness entail?

Tim S. Turner and Dan talk Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe. (Episode 2)

Dan talks all by himself about Shadow Chasers. (Episode 6)

Mitchell Hadley and Dan cover Bourbon Street Beat. (Episode 37)

Please, listen and enjoy.


  1. First off:

    This Wolfe episode is NOT based on The Doorbell Rang in any way, shape, or form.
    If it had been, the credits at the end would have had to say as much.
    They did not.
    "Death On The Doorstep" and Doorbell Rang share one common plot element - the bugging of the brownstone - and that's IT.
    If you read enough of Rex Stout's books, you'll spot many circumstances wherein Stout recycles story elements from the past in stories written years later.
    Every mystery writer who did long-running series did that - it's a common practice in the trade.
    "Death On The Doorstep" is NOT based on any Stout story; it's an original Stephen Downing story (that gentleman later became best-known as the chief writer/showrunner on the original McGyver, FWIW).
    The staff assembled here by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts just wasn't up to adapting Rex Stout's own stories; trying to do pastiche Stout was way over their heads.
    This series is going to be a very long haul, indeed …
    … and I'll make the guess that I'm going to become truly insufferable before it's done.
    Apologies in advance, but as a 16-year member of The Wolfe Pack, I gotta say something

    More later (if you let me).

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  3. I disagree with you. But, you are entitled to your opinion. Question: Should I replace Tim with someone else?