Friday, August 14, 2020


Mr. Wolfe welcomes you to episode 92 of Eventually Supertrain!

In this episode, Dan and...

...Tim discuss Nero Wolfe.

...himself disgust Shadow Chasers.

...Christin discus Automan.

Please, listen and enjoy.

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  1. Have I been barred from this site?

    I put up what I thought were friendly and informative comments at the posts for both Episodes 90 and 91.

    I previewed both my comments (proofreading), to see that any mistakes, typos, and suchlike were dealt with.

    Having done that, I hit Publish, and the little notice informed me that the comments were being held, pending approval.

    Neither comment was published; no explanation was given; and I think I deserve some kind of explanation.

    Did I break a rule (which was never explained to me)?

    Are you withholding certain info from the posts for whatever reasons?

    I believe I deserve an explanation - common courtesy, if nothing else.

    My Email address is:

    OR you can put it up right here, in front of God and everybody (or at least in front of Tim …).

    But I would appreciate an answer, one way or the other.

    If I'm no longer welcome here, have the consideration to say so.

    Otherwise, all the best.

  2. The Story So Far:
    For each of the past three posts (Episodes 90, 91, and 92), I have sent in comments of opinion of fairish lengths.

    In each case, after proofreading them for possible errors, I entered Publish, and was informed that my comments were being held, pending review.

    In all three cases, my comments were not published here.

    Last time out, I inquired as to why the comments were rejected; specifically, as to whether my comments were no longer welcome here, for whatever reason.

    To date, I haven't received any sort of reply, one way or the other.

    I believe that common courtesy would require such a reply.

    That said, I've just noticed that the Notify box at the bottom here gives a G-mail address for me, and I think this may be the problem:

    The fact is that I cannot access G-mail: the times that I've tried, I've been unable to decipher Technoslavian instructions.
    So if you've been replying to me there, I simply haven't been getting them - and most likely never will.

    Most recently, I sent along my AT&T E-mail, which is the only kind I can receive and reply to.
    Here it is again, for the record:

    If you have a reply for me in re the lost comments, and it's too sensitive or personal to publish here, send it to the E-mail address above.

    Do not send it to the G-mail, because I'll never get it.

    I do hope that we can straighten this out, because I don't care for feeling like an outsider here; I'm coming up on seventy years old, and that's not a pleasant feeling.

    Thanx in advance, from Mike Doran.

  3. Is this the fourth or fifth of my comments that you're going to spike?

    I'm still waiting for some sort of explanation here; if I am indeed barred from this site, I'd like a reason.

    My email is ; don't even bother with the gmail, because I can't figure out how to make that work.

    Meanwhile, to show my goodwill here, a fun fact or two in regard to Episode 93 (with a bit of history thrown in):

    I've mentioned before that the showrunners of this version of Nero Wolfe were Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, who came to this more or less directly from having done the same job on Mannix for seven years.
    Goff & Roberts were Hollywood veterans; their best known screenplay was White Heat with Jimmy Cagney.
    G&R wanted to do Wolfe for many years, and chased the screen rights for a long time.
    Circa 1958, Screen Gems (Columbia Pictures's TV shop) bought the rights to an old radio show called The Fat Man, based on Dashiell Hammett's Continental Op.
    SG hired Goff & Roberts to make the pilot;
    Ivan and Ben in their turn decided that since no one remembered the radio show, they'd turn their Fat Man into a Wolfe clone; "Lucius Crane" had a big house in LA, with a young handsome sidekick to do the legwork (no orchids, but you can't have everything).
    Robert Middleton (you'd know the face) was "Crane" and somebody named Tony Travis was the sidekick; the story was a Goff-&-Roberts original, and the whole thing went nowhere, thereby dodging what would have been a whopping plagiarism suit from Rex Stout (still alive in '58).
    Anyway, in '68 G&R took over Mannix and had the biggest success of their TV careers.
    Fun Fact:
    A couple years in, G&R used the plot of their Fat Man pilot for an episode of Mannix.
    Hoping that nobody would notice, G&R put a pseudonym on the Mannix show:
    The script credit read Written By BLAKE RITCHIE.
    (This show aired in '68-'69 - and that's not the name from Rex Stout's 1951 novel.)
    Just thought you'd like to know ...

    Oh, by the bye, Richie Brockelman was in deed a spin-off - from The Rockford Files.
    Backdoor pilot on Rockford, short-run series (six episodes as I recall), and a couple of post-series guest shots, but it counts.

    'Til next time!
    ( ... if there is a next time ...)