Wednesday, November 25, 2020


"Did you just call that woman '99'?"
"Because I don't know her name."

Welcome to episode 99 of Eventually Supertrain.

And say goodbye to Tim S. Turner and Nero Wolfe

But, Christin and Dan continue their Automan discussions.

And Dan keeps talking about On The Air.

Please, listen and enjoy. Plus...  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Am I barred from this blog or not?
    I would appreciate an answer!

  2. First things first, Dan:
    Am I or am I not 86ed from this blog?
    I sent you a whole bunch of perfectly good comments about Nero Wolfe for the first few weeks, but for whatever reasons, they were declined; you simply didn't print them, with no explanation given.
    After four such declinations, I simply gave up.
    I believe I did have something to contribute on this subject, but the comments, which were apparently accepted, simply did not appear - and I wasn't even told why they didn't appear.
    I mean, to me that's just bad manners.
    If I'm being barred from commenting, I deserve a decent explanation as to why.
    Feel free to reply at your leisure.
    All the best otherwise.