Friday, October 15, 2021


Episode 114 is here!

Dan keeps talking. Luckily, he has other people to keep talking with him. In this episode...

Mitchell and Dan discuss Search - Episode 15.

Amy The Conqueror and Dan talk about Planet of the Apes (live action) - Episode 13.

Tim and Dan need to review Kolchak - Episode 6.

Please, listen and enjoy.



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  1. Hello again ...

    Since you expressed interest in the new post, here's some Fun Facts about Bill S. Ballinger, who wrote this particular Kolchak.
    Ballinger was born in 1912, making him 63 when he wrote "Firefall", as well as "Primal Scream", which you'll be doing in a few weeks - but that's another story ...
    Kolchak was Bill Ballinger's final TV writing credit; his career in TV dates back to the '50s, with Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and many westerns and detective shows - including Darren McGavin's Mike Hammer series, where he was a major contributor (11 episodes, credited to 'B.X. Sanborn').
    Ballinger wrote for a number of series, including I Spy, Cannon, Ironside, Arrest And Trial, and you can look the others up at IMDb.
    Ballinger also wrote a few feature movies, most notably The Strangler starring Victor Buono, as well as many novels over the years (Bill went back to this after leaving TV following Kolchak - he died in 1980).
    As you go through Kolchak, you'll see a lot of top names in the writing credits: not just newcomers like David Chase and Bob Zemeckis, but veterans like Steve Fisher, Donn Mullally, Zekial Marko (look him up sometime), and Jimmy Sangster (from Hammer Films!).
    Quite a roster, for a show that went down so quickly.

    Now to see if this gets through (several of my recent ones haven't - and that's another story ...).