Saturday, October 15, 2022

Goodbye Galactica. For Now.

Episode 136 of Eventually Supertrain is here!

And, yes, sadly we are saying goodbye to Battlestar Galactica and Christopher Bligh.

Bye, Bye, Mr. Christopher Bligh. Might he be back? You tell me...

In this action-packed, heartbreaking, sun dried episode, you will encounter...

Tales of the Gold Monkey being given the onceover by Kiki W. and Dan B.

The Middleman being brazenly bespoken of by C. Haws and D. Budnik.

Then, we go to the Galactica... one more time.*

Please, listen and enjoy.

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*I'm joking we'll go back there eventually. If only in dreams.**

**Again, another joke. There's a follow up show. No one worry.

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