Sunday, May 19, 2019

Episode 69! Things are about to get exotic! Ish.

It's episode 69, everybody! And there's a brand new old show on the docket. Dan is joined by a returning guest host to discuss...  well, it'll be a good time. (Yes, the image might give the game away but I like it too much.)

Amy The Conqueror and Dan discuss Eerie, Indiana.

Gore Blimey and Dan talk about Man to Man with Dean Learner.

And, someone and Dan talk something about some show-or-other.

Please, listen and enjoy.





  1. At long last, you've got a show that's in my Old DVD Wall!

    Hate to start with a nitpick, but …

    That's Austin Pendleton playing 'Frank Bannon'.
    Probably the greatest nerd ever, in all media.
    Daniel Pilon was a ridiculously handsome Canadian actor; here he's playing the phony French fashion guy, who turns out to be an old pal of Lavender's (and gets paired off with Cybill Shepherd).
    (I'm guessing that you're using IMDB here; I did a quick check against my DVD set, and my advice would be to basically forget it.)

    Others in the cast:
    Lavender's friend Michon, an American stationed in France, is Robert Sterling; his getting killed off early on gives the overall mission extra impetus.
    *Paging Hal Horn*:
    The maitre'd at the French bistro (who hires Austin Pendleton as a "French waiter"), is Don Diamond, who was Chief Wild Eagle's adjutant Crazy Cat on F Troop.
    The guy from the James Bond movies that Howard DaSilva reminded you of was Walter Gotell - and he's in the next episode (what a coincidence!).
    By the way, when Howard DaSilva played Ben Franklin in 1776, the director was Peter H. Hunt (Incredible Coincidence #2!).
    I seem to be missing Episode #11 from my sorta-complete set of Masquerade - so there too.

    Going on to YouTube to watch videos of the Four Preps - whose big hits "Twenty-Six Miles" and "Big Man" were co-written and performed by Glen Larson - he's generally third in line on stage.
    Actually, the most fun videos come from PBS beg-week specials from the '90s - Larson's still third in line, the fat guy with the waist-length ponytail. They all look more like the Four Perps.

    More when I can think of it.
    … and please, for the future - Blacke's Magic (with call-out for Peter Fischer!).

  2. Thanks, Mike! As always. Blacke's Magic is definitely in the future...

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