Friday, May 31, 2019

Episode 70! Goodbye, Dean and Gore...

It's Episode 70!

And, we say goodbye to Man to Man with Dean Learner and Gore Blimey.

Goodbye, guys. You were enjoyed.

In this episode...

Dan and Amanda talk Masquerade.

Dan and Amy the Conqueror chat about Eerie, Indiana.

Dan and Gore Blimey wrap up their discussion of Man to Man with Dean Learner.

Please, listen and enjoy.


  1. As it happens, my DVD has the complete tag scene.
    Everyone's at the wedding, including Lavender and Our Miss Whatever.
    The last shot has these two, plus The Big Kids, hoping that Hemmings was really really really blown up … except maybe - you know, was he?(He's the kind of character you want to bring back down the line, plausibility be hanged.)
    Freeze with Larson's credit, and Bill Conrad intros a trailer for the next episode (I think my set comes from network prints designed for stations carrying Masquerade as a delayed broadcast).

    That said, I looked at that next episode, "Girls For Sale".
    Can't wait 'til you two get hold of this one.
    No spoilers here; I'll let the Guest Stars take you by surprise.
    But watch out for that Little Old Lady …

    Masquerade is turning out to be a fun show, all these years after the fact.
    Of course, Glen Larson is knocking off Mission: Impossible (Not surprising that he recruited William Read Woodfield, an original M:I writer-producer, for his staff here); but hey, if you're going to steal, steal the best, right?
    (They didn't call him Glen Larceny for nothing …)

    Any hints about what The Next Show's going to be?

  2. The Next Show... might be completely obvious in the end. I think you'll love it but it's kind of in plain sight... in regards to the show itself. I will say no more! Although, we might be delayed a week. Sorry...

  3. Off-topic, sort of:

    I learn from the 'Net today of the passing of Jim McMullan, the lead actor in Beyond Westworld, known in these parts; 82 years old.

    Here's a thought, Dan; which depresses you most:
    - That he's dead?
    - That he was in his eighties?
    - That you didn't realize he was still around in 2019?
    By the bye, the cause of death was ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) - which takes a helluva long time to do someone in.

    Anyway, RIP James McMullan.
    (and I gotta look up your Beyond Westworld posts …)

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  5. Mike, I can't decide which of those depresses me most. But now, I want to look up my Beyond Westworld posts too.