Sunday, March 29, 2020

Double Feature: #84 & S3 E3 of Rockin'

Hello all! I hope you're doing well. Safe and warm and keeping amused.

Speaking of amused, there is a new episode of Eventually Supertrain (84) and a new episode of Rockin' All Week With You: A Happy Days Podcast (S3 E3/ Ep 23) available. For listening. For now.

In 84, Dan talks a lot.

With Christin talking about one of our "lost" episodes of The Green Hornet.

With myself (Dan) talking the Thanksgiving day episode of Shadow Chasers.

 with Mitchell and Episode 34 of Bourbon Street Beat.


Over in Happy Days town, Dan discussed two Richie-heavy (-ish) episodes.

-The Other Richie Cunningham (OAD October 7, 1975)
-Richie Fights Back. (OAD October 14, 1975)

Please, listen and enjoy.




1 comment:

  1. Better Late Than Never (in several senses):
    The tail end of the post … I mean, really?
    I was so shagged out by that time, I nearly missed it.
    Ah Well/Oh Hell …
    Thanx anyhoo.

    Noting that you and Mr. Hadley have already recorded Bourbon Street: "Ferry To Algiers".
    When you guys do it this far in advance, there's a limit to how much help I can be to you.
    As it is, I am very curious indeed about how you're going to deal with an actor named Sam Buffington, who appears quite prominently herein.
    I've also sneaked a look at the next in order, "Wagon Show", and that has me wondering how you're going to deal with Janos Prohaska - but that's definitely another story …
    "Wagon Show" also features a WB contract actress named Saundra Edwards, who was on BSB once before in a completely different role.
    Look her up on IMDb sometime: what happened to her career - well, just look it up …
    AT&T and Microsoft are conspiring against me right now (reasons unknown), and so I leave it all up to you.
    Have PHUNNE!