Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Episode 83! New friends and old.

Episode 82 is here!

And yes...  Shadow Chasers has joined the gang.

Along with, of course, Bourbon Street Beat...  with Mitchell Hadley.

Plus, Christin is back! You finally get to hear us talk about Episode 14 of The Green Hornet.*

(Amanda and I will be finishing up Masquerade soon. She's a very busy woman...)

Please, listen and enjoy.


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*Plus, I am a guest on the latest episode of her Hawaii Five-O podcast. Have a listen.


  1. Relistening belatedly:

    - The Baron, as I mentioned back in the early eps, was Eddie Cole, a contract musician at Warners at the time, and the older brother of Nat King Cole.
    When BSB was starting out, the apparent intent was for the music to be a major part of the stories; as you may have noticed, this aspect faded away as the season wore on.
    This episode came at the tail end of the run, when the decision to drop BSB had already been made.
    Eddie Cole had likely gone on to other assignments at Warners, so regular session men were assigned to provide whatever music might be needed.

    - Over at Mitchell's site, I told what little I knew about David Goodis, the old pulp hand who was credited with the original story here.
    Briefly, Mr. Goodis was so prolific in pulps and paperbacks (and ultimately B-movies) that determining which of his stories was the source here is something that only a pulp fiction expert would have the time or patience to suss out (if you're interested enough, there are several scholarly volumes about Mr. Goodis's output available, as well as a full-fledged biography, so there too.

    -I've just read this about Jeffrey Hunter (I don't know how true it is):
    Just before his death in 1969, Hunter was trying to get the part of the dad on The Brady Bunch.
    Sherwood Schwartz ('Robin Hood's Rabbi') turned him down because he was "too good-looking to be an architect".
    As I said, I don't know for sure that the story is true, but it is a fact that the front-runner for a long time was the then-unknown Gene Hackman, so make what you will of that …

    - In the previous post, I mentioned the Shadow Chasers promo that's on YouTube, with Ron Howard (among others) plugging away.
    I think I did mention that Mr. Howard was a close friend - and ultimately producing partner - of Brian Grazer, who was the creator-producer of Shadow Chasers.
    But that's probably just a coincidence …

  2. One more from Green Hornet:
    - That squealer at the opening is played by Harvey Parry, one of Hollywood's legendary stuntmen.
    Have you ever seen that silent comedy scene where Harold Lloyd is climbing up the side of the building?
    It was revealed a few years back that in the long shots (where you couldn't see Lloyd's face), Harvey Parry was actually doing the climbing (Lloyd couldn't do it himself because of an injury he'd incurred some time before - and that's another story …).
    When Harvey Parry made this Hornet episode, he was in his late 60s (approximately), but he was still in demand for falls and spills up to the end of his days.