Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Pieces In Pieces: A Minute By Minute (-ish) Podcast Concludes!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all safe and well.

Welcome to the end of this...  thing.

Dan's Drive-In Double Feature Presents: Pieces In Pieces.

A new Minute By Minute (sort of) podcast covering J. P. Simon's Pieces, the super-fun slasher released in 1982.

The format is a little different here...  I'm taking a page from Rob Kelly and Chris Franklin's Superman Movie Minute podcasts. They go five minutes at a time, rather than one. I've decided to go through Pieces sort of scene by scene, segment by segment...  piece by piece.

The first episode covered the opening 4 minutes. The majority of the opening "Boston 1942" scene.

The final episode covers the last minute and a half. There's a real popper of a "Zing!" and then some credits.

Please, listen and enjoy.

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