Thursday, December 22, 2022

From My Family To Yours... Happy Holidays All!

Episode 141.

Hap-hap-happy Holidays, everybody!

The final episode of 2022.* We say goodbye to the good folks at Fresno who go out with a bang. (More or less.) And our time spent at the Monkey Bar continues. Thanks as always to Kiki Writes and C. R. H. for assistance. 

Be of good cheer...

This episode has a little extra something for its third segment, which I hope you will all enjoy. If you don't, feel free to tell it to the Marines.

To the New Year! (And Merry Christmas to my Merry Christmas friends...)

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*As always, we will return in the first half of February 2023. There may be (don't quote me on this*) a minisode or two in January.

**Don't you dare quote me on that!!***

***I'm doing fake outrage. Quote me all you want. Me and your Big Fat Mama.

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