Sunday, December 18, 2022

Rockin' Out The Year


The next two episodes of Rockin' All Week With You are available.

The first one is a Tripler!* It covers the episodes "The Kissing Bandit," "The Magic Show," and "Richie Gets Framed."

The second one is a special episode with Joanna Wilson. No one knows Christmas TV better than her. We discuss the Season 6 Christmas episode "Christmas Time."**

Happy Holidays, everyone! Please, listen and enjoy.



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*Not a real word.

**The Christmas episode was posted some time ago. (I was feeling festive.) Here it is on Soundcloud: Christmas Time

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  1. This Just In:
    Word has reached the 'Net that Diane McBain, a favorite in these parts, has passed on, aged 81.
    I leave it to you as to which was the bigger shock: that she died, or that she was 81 (this "getting old" business is no fun at all ...).