Monday, July 22, 2019

Episode 73! Tornado Days and More

Episode 73 is a jam packed pile of something-or-other that I know you're going to love.

First off, Amy the Conqueror and Dan discuss Eerie, Indiana. (Episode 12)

Second off, Mitchell Hadley and Dan talk about Bourbon Street Beat. (Episode 23)

Third and Final off, Amanda Reyes and Dan cover, in detail, Masquerade. (Episode 5)

Please, listen and enjoy.




1 comment:

  1. As promised/threatened below:

    I've taken the liberty to preview the Bourbon Street Beat and Masquerade episodes earmarked for 74.
    The BSB, "Neon Nightmare" - you and Mitchell are gonna love love love this one.
    It's Cal's show, most of the way anyway; you'll be doing double-takes throughout at the character actors who turn up here.
    There's just enough plot to keep the gumbo boiling.
    Just a bit more footage, and Warners could have had a nice little 'B' programmer for the drive-ins. (No kidding, it's that good.)

    As to Masquerade: well, here's "Babes Behind Bars", just like you wanted it (I guess)!
    Not all-star this time, but there are a couple of surprises here.
    So 74 should be a fun podcast - I can hardly wait!
    (I already sent Mitchell a heads-up at his own place; maybe he's as up for it as I hope you are.)