Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 3rd Anniversary! Enjoy Episode 72.

It is Eventually Supertrain's 3rd Anniversary!

Thank you everyone who's listened to an episode...  or all of them. There are plenty more to come. And, yes, eventually we shall cover Supertrain. It's standing by. And it's not as bad as history would lead you to believe.

In this star-filled episode:

Amy the Conqueror and I talk about Eerie, Indiana. (Episode 11)

Mitchell and I chat about Bourbon Street Beat. (Episode 22)

Amanda and myself discuss Masquerade. (Epiosde 4)

Please, listen and enjoy.


  1. 72: Things Here & There :

    - I may eventually pick up Eerie, Indiana somewhere down the line.
    Noticing that you're sort of hit-and-miss on guest stars here and elsewhere: You spotted Michael J. Pollard, but missed Sir John Standing, the only British actor I know of whose title is hereditary (look it up at IMDb if you dare).
    (By the way, Sir John Leon, the 4th Baronet Standing, was Prof. Zirchon - but that's another story.)

    - I note that you and Mitchell both missed my heads-up about Rex's galpal (I've momentarily misplaced the actress's name), whose casual approach to her prospective murder (in the script, anyway) rang a bit strangely to me in view of what happened to her in real life (look that up too, if you dare).

    - As for Masquerade:
    Dan … you really didn't recognize Robert Clary, from all those years of Hogan's Heroes?
    Mitchell's gonna love that, I'll tell ya …
    And Amanda … are you too young to remember the original Kung Fu with David Carradine -
    - and so you didn't remember "Grasshopper", the little bald kid from the flashbacks?
    That was Radames Pera, about ten years before.

    There were a few others who are so obscure that only a dweeb like me would have recognized -
    - like Jan Merlin, who was the Russian guy who got killed in the teaser; if you've ever seen The List Of Adrian Messenger … well, look that one up too.
    Not to mention Ronald Lacey, the boss Russian guy (the pudgy guy with the mustache); he'd come to US TV straight from Raiders Of The Lost Ark - he was the Nazi guy who melted … but that's another story too …
    Anyway, at least Amanda spotted Kai Wulff and the return of Lilyan Chauvin (show-VONN), so there's that.
    I have sneaked a look at the next-in-order, "Caribbean Holiday", and are there ever a gang of familiar faces in this one … well, familiar to me, anyway …

  2. Thanks, Mike! You know what? I am trying hard to get back into Hogan's Heroes. So far, it's slow going.