Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Minisode Alert: Kiki Writes is Back!

Honey Boy is in the house!

And so is Christin AKA Kiki Writes.

In this minisode, Christin and Dan discuss the 13th episode of The Green Hornet - "The Secret of the Sally Bell."

Why is this here and not part of a regular episode? Frankly, that's none of your business.

I'm kidding, of course. Dan explains in the segment.

Please, listen and enjoy.


  1. Just listened to ES 73; what follows can't wait.

    - On short attention spans:
    You really didn't notice Diane McBain on Bourbon Street Beat this week?
    She was the Other Blonde, the one who was rooming with the Damsel-In-Distress.
    Not much to do here, but as a contract ingenue at Warner Bros, Diane went where she was sent.
    Don't worry, though; you've still got two more chances to see her before you're done with BSB.
    And she did get a reward, sort of: after BSB was dropped, Diane McBain got a co-starring gig on Surfside 6, which ran two seasons - So There Too.

    - As for Masquerade, I guess that being older than you are, I'm recognizing different things.
    Such as: My favorite William Smith appearance was in Clint Eastwood's Any Which Way You Can (aka the second ape movie), wherein he played the guy the heavies brought in from Out Of Town, to have a fist fight with Clint. (Roger Ebert gave Big Bill a rave for this one.)
    Not to mention Chris Connelly (ex-Peyton Place), who was John Merrick (he died not long after making this).
    Or Rene Enriquez as the Bad Latino Dictator (he'd just left Hill Street Blues).
    Or Bob Dowdell, who was the Captain (his longest run was years before, as the useless blond exec officer on Voyage To The Bottom Of The Barrel, as my brother and I called it when we were snotty teens).
    Or Penny Peyser, the aerobics lady (she was the cute daughter-in-law on Crazy Like A Fox, among other things).
    A few others, but you get the idea.

    Now to the Old DVD Wall, to check out the next BSB and Masquerade shows (and they both look like wowsers …).

  2. I haven't seen those two Clint Eastwood movies in what seems like a thousand years. Have you watched them recently? Are they still fun? I remember them being fun. (I think.)

    Thanks again for the comments. Mike Knows Everything!

    1. Correction:
      Mike Doesn't Know Everything.
      Mike Knows Where To Look Things Up!

      The Which Way movies have become period pieces of a sort (mainly because so many of the all-star cast members have died since they were made).
      They're both still fun, though; if I lean a bit towards the second one … well, how many other movies have Big Bill Smith, and the Black Widows bikers (I call them the 52 Gang, in honor of their average age, waistlines, and IQs), and Logan and Anne Ramsey in their only on-camera love scene, and two songs from Fats Domino, and so much more?

      More at the 73 post above.